New Spider ransomware

Hi Comodo team,

Is there anti-virus signature protection for Spider ransomware? Containment would protect against this but I was looking for AV signature protection.

@nikki ,

We’re certain indeed that CCS protection is enough to handle. We’ll get our development team to add some additional answers to your query and have it posted here

Thank you @Jimmy

You are very much welcome. We appreciate your report

out of curiorisity

why are you looking for signature for this?

I can only assume, to clean an already infected machine?

@melih I was looking to see if Comodo AV can protect the endpoints against the ransomware and prevent them from getting infected proactively!

This poses a great question. If the containment side of Comodo will protect why are signature required ?

is it because containment will only pick up unknown files ?? But then if it’s known is it the A/V that then picks it up ??

Hi @dittoit
Comodo’s Containment feature is not really designed to remove malware in the system. It is a backup if ever an unknown malware gets past the detection (or even known ones if the antivirus component is disabled for whatever reason). It is another layer of protection offered by Comodo.

if known bad…Comodo removes…
If known good…Comodo allows…
if Unknonwn…Comodo runs it in Containment

It would be great if there was a searchable portal where users can search for vulnerabilities by CVE or malware name. Right now as a customer its hard to tell whether Comodo protects against a specific vulnerability since there is no description of the signatures available.

@Damon C I am familiar with Valkyrie, I was referring to a portal that would provide information of what vulnerabilities have been addressed by Comodo products.