New SSL?

Have Comodo changed the SSL for Dome?

my customers has a SSL error( this page is not secure) the SSL was replaced 2-2-18, I have just checked on another customer and the SSL has been renewed 5-2-18??

What is going on?

Am I correct in thinking the SSL must be installed on the Endpoint to stop these SSL errors?

Also I have removed the “political” as it is picking up Agriculture for one of my customers. please look at this.


@dittoit ,

So far we have not made any changes. If you are pertaining to Dome SWG then the SSL can be regenerated through UI. If for some reason it was reset by accident then you will need to redeploy the certificate again to the browsers.

Ok, can we check if it has “been reset by accident”. if so we need to do as you say, IF not then I need to open a case.

@dittoit ,

You can download the certificate again from SSL inspection menu and check the time. It is possible that the SSL inspection switch was disabled if it was please re-enable it and that would lead to a change in the certificate.

I have no idea what the above means!!!.
My point is has the SSL been changed? if so this is not the 1st time this has happened without warning…

If so we now need to push out the SSL cert to all the covered endpoints to avoid problems.

this is the free Dome version…

@dittoit ,

So far as development team is concerned, no changes has been made on SSL. However, an investigation will still be made as @bulut suggested and we will create a support ticket regarding your report to have it addressed as soon as possible.