No clients appearing Online


I’ve installed the patch management agent (via the RMM install program) but nothing is appearing int he online console. I tried this first a few weeks back and nothing appeared. I then reinstalled the programs 4 days ago and still nothing is appearing in the online console.

I’ve checked the “Programs and features” control panel module and it says the patch management is installed. I have also tried it on another machine but the same thing happens.

Can you let em know what I’m doing wrong?


Hello dipper ,
Please remove the the patch management agent on one computer and reinstall it using these instructions:
Also make sure that the agent is downloaded from the correct company (if you have more than one added to Comodo One) and let us know the outcome.

I’ve done that. How long after installation will it take to appear in the console?

After reinstallation, it should only take a few minutes to be displayed in the console. If it is not there by now, the installation was not performed correctly.

They are appearing today so thanks for the help Danny. :slight_smile: