No log files recorded after running procedures

I don’t have any log files recorded after running a procedure. Both per device (device->logs->any log section), AND in the Procedure execution logs. Do I need to turn this on? I thought at least the prodecure execution logs would always record. I see the action in the Audit logs, and the effect on the client machine - but no other logs. I’ve tried on different procedures and on different devices.

No, the logs should populate. Another issue support will assist with.


We will need to identify the root cause of your report. We have created a support email to investigate the issue. Please check your mailbox at your convenient time

I haven’t seen any message as of yet.

@RSnumssp ,

We apologize if you haven’t received a response via support email. We will contact you via your forum email registered to assist you.

Hi, in addition to not having any specific logs, now we’re no longer seeing any Audit Logs for our everyday usage-- the last log listed was 2/13/2017.


I have been running lots of procedures today, A, its lightning FAST and B, all my logs are correct.

@RSnumssp ,

It is unusual as to why last audit logs were way back February last year. We will add this report in addition to what we have forwarded to our Development Team. We will acquire as much information as possible to the logs you have sent us. We’ll pass any updates as soon as possible.

I’m sorry the year is 2018, but the last log was creatd 2/23 (lot going on here, sorry)… . … BTW @dittoit - are you on the US site?

no uk here.

I’m on the verge of transferring from US site to UK. . … .

@RSnumssp ,

Our Development Team is still reviewing the logs you’ve sent for analysis and resolution. We apologize for the delay.Thank you for your patience

Same issue here. Was originally on UK for pre-purchase testing. Upon purchase, moved to US and no procedures/scripts work at all. Patch management isn’t working either. Waiting over a week now for any update from support. Nothing yet…

@willingway ,

We have indicated your observation to @RSnumssp 's report. We’ll make certain that our Development Team had been informed your report as well. A support email will be sent to you for any additional information that we might need for the investigation.