Old RMM Application no longer working

Good Afternoon

Since the change to ITarian, it appears that the old RMM has stopped working. This would be fine had feature parity been met with CRC, but it hasn’t. Is there anyway to restore the old RMM application to work with ITarian.

Hello @curatrix_pl ,

We appreciate your insights regarding old Comodo RMM. Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of ITarian and for the entire users’ community. In the meantime, we have a voting feature on our website that allows you to submit new feature requests, and also it allows you to check all feature requests and vote the same. To do so, kindly go to https://itarian.com/voting/login.php and please login with your ITarian credentials.

For more information, kindly refer to the link below:


Thank you.