OS X High Sierra Clients Not Displaying

I’ve recently added an Endpoint management client to an OS X High Sierra device. however the device is not showing up in the iTarian device list, or in the Remote Control client.

Any idea why the client wouldnt show up? Client machine is not behind any firewall, just a basic apple airport extreme. I can teamviewer, and Meraki agent also work no problem.

Hi @miker1000

We will be creating a ticket for you on the service desk in regards with OS X High Sierra Clients Not Displaying. Please reply to the ticket so we can assist you further.

I ended up fixing this by removing the agent from the affected machine, and installing it again, it then showed up in the device list, and on the remote control.

Thank you for the quick attention!

Also check the client… and About… it should have a Server connection

Yep, this is what I checked and found no valid data, that led me to uninstall and reinstall.