Owner - rather than put in the owner details prior to software install ...

why not pull the user name from the logged in session?
This would be useful for environments where a single workstation is used by multiple users.
I can see that if it is a RDS/RDP server this is useless.

@er-go there are many such comments/requests so hopefully this will be a thing in the future; such as: https://forum.itarian.com/forum/products/feature-requests/28906-comodo-client-submit-ticket and https://forum.itarian.com/forum/products/feature-requests/28906-comodo-client-submit-ticket.

Hi @amcssit , I queried this some time ago and I think the issue is due to the design of the product and not something Comodo plan to change at the moment.

There has been talk of adding a user box to the ticket submit on the Endpoint Manager tool, but the owner idea will not change as it is technically needed.

Other systems have a similar idea, I believe Centrastage/Autotask/Datto (changed name too many times) do this by assigning the device to a company not user.

We create a generic user for the company and assign all devices to that. We then create users for directors and VIPs and added their devices to them.

We also do this for users that have the mobile agent as they need to receive the instructions to be able to install the agent.