1. Is it possible to enter some parameters (via web from) to procedure before it run?
  2. How with procedure show message at user workstation? HTML supported?


Alongside the Predefined Procedures you have the My Procedures section where you can create your own editable scripts. You have the option to clone the predefined ones just to modify the parameters.
Depending on the procedure, most of the times, unless requested by the administrator there is no message on the customer’s end, most of the data is collected without it providing a message or visual marker.

Need show to user information messages. And for it need enter message text


We have forwarded your requests to the appropriate department and will return with an e-mail as soon as we have an update.

Hello @Sergey ,

Could you please provide us some examples of messages that you would like to show the end users?
We need to better understand the usability of this feature, because ITSM is based on the idea of managing everything silently from the Console itself.

Remind about service dates, or about some accessories directly for THIS device.

Hello @Sergey

Thank you for the feedback. We will forward and update the initial request.

Hello @Sergey ,

Please find attached the script that you have requested in both txt and json formats.

custom_message_box.txt (665 Bytes) (1.08 KB)