Patch Management - Desktop Icons


I am testing C1 to see if this is something I’d like to roll out. So far it seems like a great platform. A question about third party application patch management. If I run the patch, is there a way to prevent a desktop icon from being created when the application is updated? I’ve updated a couple applications via C1 on a computer’s guest account that had 0 desktop icons. After the patch, a good chunk of the applications updates installed icons to the desktop. How can this be prevented?

Thank you.

Currently, there is no such setting for it, @pcgntx. It is possible though that you can request a script to clean up the unwanted desktop icons of the recently installed batch of applications. The general process would be to:
> select the third-party applications
> select the endpoints
> install the selected applications
> run the post-installation cleanup scripts

Thanks @Rick_C. I have submitted a request.