Patch Management

I’m seeing this on multiple endpoints

2019/04/09 05:03:47 PM Failed PROCEDURE operation failed. 0 patch(es) successfully installed. 0 patch(es) installation failed.
2019/04/09 05:03:47 PM Failed Resolving Procedure is failed because failed to retrieve category updates.
2019/04/09 05:01:36 PM Started Resolving Procedure is started.

Hi @colinjones,
We have created a support ticket to investigate this issue further. We have sent you an email via your forum registered email.

We are seeing the same events on devices with the Red cross in Red circle in the “Patch Status” column

Hello @stevens_pete,

We created a ticket so we can investigate the issue better. Please respond to the email sent to you by our support team. Thank you.

It would appear that the Red Cross in Red Circle and the Patch management warning shown above means that the device has not finished its patching routing i.e. either the client has not restarted or has been postponed by the end user.@colinjones could this be your issue?

@stevens_pete - @colinjones 's concern is slightly different. We’ve responded to the ticket you raised earlier.

We think we’ve found an issue with the WSUS server on the network. We’ve disabled WSUS and reset the endpoints to search online for updates rather than the WSUS server. Seems much better now.

Will test for a few days and come back to you.

Hi @colinjones

We will wait for the outcome of the test you have done. In case the issue is still not resolved. Please reply to the ticket we have created in order for us to investigate further.

With best regards