Patching HP Security vulnerability

I have a number of laptops in the field potentially affected by this vulnerability ( and would like to know how to deploy this patch to install remotely ( Thanks. -Manthu.

@MTekhna ,

We understand that this had concerned you greatly. We have coordinated with our development team and will provide you with an update on any process that can accomplish this task.

Hello @MTekhna

We understand your very valid concern. In order to relieve this problem, our operation team will prepare a script. In this script, you will be able to decide for the patch .exe file to install with respect to the model of your HP computers.

You can run this script from ITSM. Our team will contact with you when the script is ready.

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Hi @MTekhna

Reg the link you have provided ( has many files, could you please tell me which product to download in order to remove the vulnerability.

Thank you.

Hi @Aravind_pandi The laptops we have affected are:

HP ProBook 430 G3 sp81836
HP ProBook 430 G4 sp81835
HP ProBook 440 G3 sp81836
HP ProBook 440 G4 sp81835
HP ProBook 450 G3 sp81836
HP ProBook 450 G4 sp81835

Hi @MTekhna

Please refer the attached json file for installing the hp driver package on your endpoint,

Edit Parameters:

URL= r’’ #Please provide the download link which you need to install on your machine


This script will download the package and install the setup in your endpoint.

Please provide your feedback.

Thank you.

20171215-Patching-up-HP-Security-Vulnerablity.json (2.01 KB)