PM in ITSM and SD request

I have a simple request, I think it would be more efficient, if when a patch failed, it showed the KB number, so we could look it up easier. I have to draw down, and look at the system, look for updates that are not installed, then look for the long ID. I would also consider being able to filter by the ID number as a solution in this matter. Also, on a side note, I think it would also be great if we could click on the computer name, in the tickets in the ticketing system, and open the system that the ticket refers to. At this point, I have to flip back and forth between ITSM and service desk, to plow through my ticket. I feel this would be a huge benefit. Thanks.

@BOSS Thank your for sharing your suggestions to improve our platform. We will try to accommodate your request and will update you as soon as possible via email.