Portal on hold

Working with a client on an emergency support issue, I am faced with the error in at 10:30 AM EST, “YOUR PORTAL IS ON HOLD WHILE WE MIGRATE”. Give us 5 minutes…Its been 20 minutes and my client is still in urgent need of support. Don’t they realize some of use are using this as a production tool and we are severely impacted and inconvenienced when it goes down in the middle of the working day with no advanced warning whatsoever?

Hello @Rickkee ,

Thanks for the feedback. We have contacted you by email regarding this and we will keep you updated there.

The ITSM Portal is up and running.

I would also encourage every user of C1 to plan for outage. Doesn’t matter if C1 or LMI or LabDesk, etc. they all go down from time to time, expect this. I personally have another VNC client tool that I customized and use in emergencies but if need mroe turnkey option then try using TV quicksupport as a backup tool, no install and only RDP functionality but heck it’s okay when this awesome C1 tool has problems.

Its bigger than just getting to the customer. It seems the concerned development team is not concerned with outages. After all, if its free, why should any one complain if it becomes unavailable in the middle of the working day, or is out for days or weeks…like it has in the past. All that changes when you purchase the Endpoint Licenses, then, you do have a reason to complain. It looks to me like the competitors charge for the portal and give the anti-virus and rmm for free, over here at one.comodo.com, the portal is free and you buy the AV. I just got cost information, for enterprise endopoint licenses, and its the same as I am paying now for Continuxxxx with Webrxxx, Malwarebxxxx and Logmexx, about $3.00 a workstation per month.

You guys are right, there should be no outage without ample notice. Free or not, we will always listen to you and give you an amazing service!..They are investigating as to why you got this notice as they report that there were no migration/upgrades etc…