Prevent Clients from having access to comodo client communication and security

Hi, we noticed that users tamper with the settings from their ui to bypass certain policies. This is possible when they disconnect from the internet. i saw a section called “client access control” in profile settings. i set a password there but it doesn’t reflect on client side. they’re still able to tamper with the settings when disconnected from the internet. How can i achieve this please? Also, how can we prevent clients from uninstalling the setup from control panel? Please this is a requirement for pci. Thank you!


We will look into this. We will keep you updated through email correspondence.


I am assuming that they must have admin rights on the system?? That is the only way that my endusers can do what you are explaining. I am unsure it would matter, as if they have admin rights, they could just remove the software. In this scenario, I am not sure that the password matters.


Go to Client access control and under “Require password” section choose only custom password then put in your desired password.
Save and reboot the end point then test it.

@chales @BOSS

this would help with tempering the settings as well as unauthorized uninstall attemps.


Hi there…thank you it works…but i still can’t prevent unauthorised uninstall attempts. Any ideas how to do this? Thank you once again.

Hello @chales ,

Its good to know that somehow the resolution works on your side.
On the other hand, in conjunction with what BOSS said about admin rights.
If the profile is elevated most likely they can play with uninstalling software.

Please set it up with custom password and try to uninstall and see how it works :slight_smile:

you can read this post at botton page about some test done in regard of trying to uninstall and modify the ITSM setting products:

Works perfectly now! Thanks!!

Hi @chales ,
You’re Welcome! We’re glad to know that the resolution we provided worked.