Procedure based alerts

Is it possible to create monitor sensor based on custom procedure?


Please provide additional details about what the procedure should monitor?

I dont know yet :slight_smile:

But if we need to monitor some custom things - will be useful if procedure will can return some value and it can be added to monitor’s “Custom sensors” section.

Hello @Sergey ,

We need to have a clear image for the features that you are requesting.
Right now, monitors can trigger procedures as a response to a broken monitor condition.
EX: Monitor for low disk space is triggered, you have the option to trigger the Disk Cleanup procedure.
Is this what you are looking for?

No, I talk about inverse of situation. We write procedure. It watching for something (or doing something) at endpoint and return response to monitoring system. And we will create triggers (and call other procedures) for this trigger.


We have forwarded your request and will return with an e-mail in order to keep you updated.