Procedure permission

I imported the SMART hard drive script found here in the forum and apparently set it to run as logged in user instead of system account, thus I get errors when a user is not logged in. I can’t seem to find a way to change this setting. Do I need to delete it and re-import it to set it to run in the System account?

Also I have found the RAM and CPU performance monitors to needlessly alert more continually and with several hundred systems it’s pretty bad. I have gone into the profiles and remove the CPU and RAM from default performance monitor but am still getting alerts. Is there a way to track down where this is being executed from?

Hi @caronet,

You will need to change the the settings to System Account to be able to make the script work.

As for the RAM and CPU performance monitor alerts, we will have someone look into this issue. We will also be sending an email to keep you updated with the progress.


Of course I need to change to System Account. That’s precisely what I said. I asked how to do this.

It is my experience that the alerts will trickle in for some time, also, if you were getting too many alerts from the monitor, adjust the monitor to fit your environment, change the % values and the number of minutes before it triggers. This worked for me.

Hi @caronet,

There are a couple of ways you can change the procedure as a System Account.

Option A
In ITSM, on the left panel:

  1. Select Devices
  2. Device List
  3. Select the Group that the device is included in
  4. Put a tick mark on the Device
  5. On the far right end of the list above the device, click More
  6. Select Run Procedure.
  7. Type in the name of the Procedure you want to run
  8. Put a tick mark on Run as system user.

Option B
In ITSM, on the left panel:

  1. Select Configuration Templates
  2. Select Procedures
  3. In the list of procedures, select the procedure you want to run
  4. Click the Run option located on top of the list
  5. Select “All devices” or “Selected Device(s)”. You can use commas to separate the devices
  6. Put a tick on Run as System User and Run the procedure

Option C
In ITSM, on the left panel:

  1. Select Configuration Templates
  2. Select Profiles
  3. In the list of profiles, select the profile that the device is connected to. Please note that the default profiles can’t be edited.
  4. Click on the name of the profile and it will give you a new set of options.
  5. Select Add Profile Section and a drop down menu will appear
  6. Select Procedures
  7. Add an Existing procedure
  8. Type in the Procedure Name, select the date you want to initiate the Procedure.
  9. Choose if you want to schedule the procedure to be run daily, weekly or monthly (or never).
  10. Input the time you want to have the procedure run.
  11. Put a tick on Run as System User and Add the procedure

You can select whichever applies best to your needs.

Thank you,