Provide C1 as a On-Premise install

Given that currently ITSM is down again, it is becoming (at least for me) a struggle to continue using Comodo as a ‘Cloud’ solution where we don’t control the infrastructure that it is running on. Therefore, I would like to ask if it is possible to get C1 as an on premise solution that we can run on our own infrastructure and manage the servers our self (sort of like a community version). Relying on ‘others’ infrastructure is becoming painful as I currently have a number of users that I am trying to on-board this morning and am unable to access the ITSM platform to deploy to them. I was also due to demo the ITSM yesterday evening when the 502 bad gateway occurred, and looked more of a fool due to this.

Hi @curatrix_pl . We appreciate the feedback that you had provided. Comodo One ITSM is available in two models - Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-premise installation. Refer to the ITSM quick start and admin guides for details about how to use the application;

Please be informed though that our server for the On-Premise version is not updated (currently on version 5.4). The update for the On-Premise version however is plotted on our road map for the 1st quarter of 2018

Instructions are not upto date either. fails to get the ‘keyfile’ from

So, in truth, it appears that there isn’t two models, these just the one… SaaS. On Premise is unfeasible as the documentation is not upto date and as such, the repository will not enable download.

@curatrix_pl ,

The on-premise solution is currently in the process of being updated as what @Parker mentioned. The Product Developers are still in discussion in making this solution possibly available for next quarter.

Have this in the Azure market place would also be great.