Python script for download / install tasks on remote machines

Disclaimer: There is a python script that does exist, however it is insufficient and does not allow for any dynamic use.

The script that would be more useful is as follows and assumes the file is hosted on a direct link from a hosted site (like mediafire in my example):

  1. Download file to user TEMP directory
  2. Check if this package is already installed, cancel install if it is.
  3. If not, install the package (allow command line parameters)
  4. Return success or error codes with common reasons why the download or install failed.

What would be extremely useful is if we have the ability to interface with dropbox, onedrive, googledrive, or amazon aws as well. But, I’m keeping it simple for now.


We’ll forward your request to our Script Developers and notify you once an output of the procedure had been provided.

Hello @Fexception

Kindly please refer the existing script for your request :

NOTE : " Edit the following parameters "

  • ApplicationName = Enter the Application name want to check and install if not.
  • URL = Enter the URL which downloads the application from URL to user temp directory.
  • SilentCommand = Enter the silent installation command to install software silently.
  • FileName = Enter the filename from how it should be saved.
  • Extension = Enter the extension of the software.
Thank you.

@Aravind_pandi I will test this out with the zoho assist unattended installer.

Hello @rockowwc

Hope it will give you positive result. Waiting for your reply.

Thank you.