Quick support file?

I’m fairly new to Itarian and just finding my way around. I came across this file a while back and have been playing with it. I love the fact that it’s made by iTarian, but I have a question or possible improvement.

Take a look at the following website. https://www.cloudberrylab.com/download.aspx?prod=cbra This is what I currently use for remote support. The download on the left of the page is the file I have. I had to download and install this file in order to use it. The download on the right is what my client downloads. They just click the button, the file then just downloads. They click to run the file and without installing it just opens up.

Does Itarian have anything like that? I have the Remote Access file, but is there a client file they need to download, or does the client have to enter their email address, download and then install the file just like I did in order to use it?

Hi @Fred

Good day. The feature that you are needing is not yet available. We created a ticket for a feature request and send it to our developers. We will notify you via email once there is an update.


Itarian have two remote apps.

One which is part of the Endpoint Manager where the MSP can download the red remote client and access enrolled devices.

There is also the blue version which is an agent installed on both devices and uses a PIN based system which you can find here

@StrobeTech ,

Correct. For portal administrators, you can download the Itarian Remote Access under the tools section.

Thanks Robin, I was looking for something like the blue version.

We would love to use the ITarian Remote Access for Quick Support, as suggested by @Fred - especially if we could brand as we have the other aspects of ITarian. However, one has to have admin rights to install it and we have number of ad hoc (break/fix) customers who aren’t enrolled in RMM and prudent enough not to have given their users admin rights on their devices.

Currently we use a custom-branded TeamViewer QS package to get round this but we too would really like a white-label/self-branded Quick Support version of ITRA developed.

Hi @amcssit ,

We appreciate the recommendation. We have forwarded your feature request to our Product Development Team and will also send you an email for any update.

Would be nice if an install was not needed for sure, and branding is always a great idea.

Just a thought…

Being able to publish a link to a branded download would be great, and a perfect place for this would be the supplied service desk home page.

For instance we have http://helpedesk.strobe-it.co.uk/ which is a cname of the Itarian address. Placing it on there would be good.

Hello @StrobeTech, your inputs/suggestions have been added to the feature request ticket.

As always, thank you for your support.

I also would greatly appreciate a quick support option like AnyDesk, TeamViewer, etc. as sometimes potential customers and their decision to employ us for future service requests may be influenced by how quickly we can provide remote support. We currently use something like these for quick remote support.

Also, would love to have the option for web-based remote support, like ScreenConnect. This is invaluable as we are not required to download/install any program in order to access remote computers quickly. We can simply log in to our SC web portal from ANY computer and open a quick remote session or already established remote sessions very very quickly.

Hello @uandit

We’ll send you an email with regard to this feature request.