Refresh time?

What is the refresh time for the Patch Management? After an update is installed how long does it take for it to report on the Patch Management dashboard?

@Hyphnx ,

Data is being refreshed on Patch Management page once patches are installed successfully on endpoints. There is no any delay or cache. Only “patch status” column on Device list has cache time 2 hours.

I installed an update earlier this morning and I’m still waiting for it to update in endpoint.

@Hyphnx ,

Please check the status of the device on the ITSM Portal if it is online and communicating. You might want to check as well the device’s “Last Connection” time appearing on the portal vs the actual of the endpoint time to confirm if the device is throwing out real-time communication.

The last connection is the same time I manually did the update. It’s still reporting that the PC needs the update that I manually did.

@Hyphnx ,

Have you attempted to push an update on another endpoint from the ITSM Portal to confirm that the issue replciates on another machine as well?

It’s for all the PC’s

Hello @Hyphnx
To further assist you with your concern, we created a support ticket in your behalf as we will have to ask potentially sensitive information from you. Please feel free to reply at your convenience.

I had a similar issue today - I’m trying to update all of our third-party apps en masse, and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all. I’m not seeing anything being updated - no patch logs, etc.

Trying this with an individual patch doesn’t make a difference against multiple machines, trying to patch one machine with multiple patches doesn’t seem to have any effect either.

@maximillianx ,

Support will reach out via your forum registered email to investigate on your report.

Hello, I think it would be useful for the community if the support would report investigations on the forum too. Just my 2 cents

Hello @datalink ,

Thank you for input and we appreciate it!
It is a must for us to close any open thread if the issue is not sensitive for the customers nor specific to them.
If the resolution and investigation led by support and development team will benefit other MSPs, it will surely be posted on the thread.
On the other hand, their ticket history shows that we are still waiting for some information from the customers to further investigate this issue.
Rest assured that once we resolved the concern, we will more than happy to share it here if we found that the issue is not specific to their accounts.

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My company ended up going another route.

We find the stats do not update for 2-24 hours after they have been installed.

They emailed and asked if the ports were open for C1, I don’t think there is a way around it. It’s on their side not our.

It’s 100% on the C1 side, the stats get there eventually…
Just unfortunate you cannot use them to actually monitor your environment