Register multiple users in Service Desk?

Can I register multiple users at once? I don’t see any option for that in the Users List when I select multiple users.

Hi @Noiden ,

We would like to clarify if you would like to export and import large quantities of new users into the ITSM rather than manually adding them one by one?

Please see also this link for you reference:

This is not for the ITSM? It’s for the Service Desk… I wan’t to give multiple users access to the “ticket portal” and not register one and one.

Hi @Noiden
Jordan meant SD and not ITSM.

If you plan to add new users on SD so that they can simply submit tickets, you can import a CSV file to add the new users. But if you plan to add new users on SD with ‘technician’ (or higher) rights, it will be better to add them one by one through C1 Management and assign access permissions accordingly.


Yeah, I know that… but to “register” the user, so they get the e-mail where they set their password and so, I want to send that out to multiple user, not click on every user and then click register.

If I go into a user I have a “Register Button” where I can choose to send mail to the user,

I wan’t to be able to select all users in the “User List” and send this “Register” thing to all at once.

I wan’t select all here and then “Register”.

Another question, Is it possible to change the default time zone? So i Don’t have to change that for every user.

Hi @Noiden
The functionality that you are asking for is not yet available in SD. We will forward this to the Product Development team as a feature request. After the team has reviewed your request, we will pass along any additional updates through email.

Ok… So for the moment I have to register the users one by one then?

Hi @Noiden ,

Yes, for now you have to register the users one by one. We’ve already forwarded your feature request to our development team and we will let you know once this feature becomes available.

We also sent you an email to help you keep track of your request. Thank you.