Release Candidate of Comodo ONE & ITarian Operation Platform for June(2019-06-08)

not jumped yet as we have too much other work on to test this time.
Hoping to look at this soon though, but knowing others experiences would be great!

@StrobeTech , all good from our end so far, we have gradually been rolling out CCS 11.3 after testing in house and on a few client PCs.

We’ve been running 11.3 since release day with only one endpoint failing due to the old Firewall driver issue since then (although we do have the firewall disabled in close to 50% of our endpoints now). We suspect (hope) this was down to some residual software from a previous version.

We have been running it too without consent.

Itarian set to last version and during release this has changed to the current version. I believe I saw another MSP with same issue.