Remote control is down.

My team is trying to use remote control this morning and all devices appear to be down in it. We are working on a support email right now. Can someone please look into why it is not working?
Thank you.

We can’t use remote control.

Same issue here! I opened a ticket with support.

@thartpence @tecnico @nikki ,

Our development had been made aware of this issue and are already working on resolving the Comodo Remote functionality. This issue will be fixed as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience,

​​​​​@thartpence @tecnico @nikki ,

Our Development team had confirmed resolution of the issue. Please do check functionality

I see some devices coming back online. I’m sure it will take a little while for all devices to check back in. I will advise if I see further issues on my side.

@thartpence ,

Thank you for your the feedback. Certainly, we will wait for your next response