Remote session online already?


Is there anyway on the admin panel to show when one of our engineers is online and remoted on to a device? Because if someone else tries to remote onto the device it doesn’t do anything… till the other person has come off, there doesn’t seem to be any visual notification that somone is already online?

@Ramb02k19 ,

A visual notification message would be triggered on the end user’s machine when one of your engineers connect to the endpoint. Audit logs show the detail of the user who connected to the endpoint and how long is the duration. Can you please share more details on the part where you mentioned “Because if someone else tries to remote onto the device it doesn’t do anything”


​​​​​​​So from the admin console, it doesn’t show if another engineer is on-line to a device, so If another engineer tried to remote control the same device nothing happens… As another engineer is already remoted on… but there is nothing on the admin panel to show another engineer is online… this is from admin panel point of view… not end user…

Hello @Ramb02k19,

Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of C1 for the entire users community. We have created a support ticket for you regarding on your request. Please reply at your convenience.

Thank you.