Removing cWatch from C1 Portal

I’m looking but don’t see an option to do this under Management>Applications.

Hi @MTekhna ,

Deleting the cWatch Module from the portal is not possible. May we ask for the reason for deleting this specific module?

Hi @Jimmy , i also need it to be removed, i was testing it but its not for me ATM.

Hi @dittoit , @MTekhna

As of now the feature to remove previously added module is not yet available on C1 Portal. We can forward a request to our developers to possibly have this feature included.

We will also send you an email for any update.

Same as @dittoit , @Jimmy I was trying to test it out with the trial. There used to be an ability to add and remove modules from C1 if I recall correctly.

Count me in as well!

Hello @MTekhna and @Joners ,

The ability to remove/hide modules in c1 portal is expected to be release on 2018Q1.
I will create support tickets for both of you to add you in the loop.