I see how to create a new report, but what I’m looking for isnt listed. Is there a report to show what processes have run on a computer in a given period? Also is there a report to show what viruses were detected and blocked on a machine?

Hi Fred…

Re Malware…

We only ever send a report if a computer scan found malware… what we send is the last 30 days ‘Executive Windows Antivirus Report’ pdf along with an exported excel file of the infected/cleaned files. Not sure if you can get a list of blocked malware though.

If you’d like me too I can send you a copy of the report as we send it.

I’d love to see what you do Ed. Please PM me. I tried to run the report you suggested but it doesn’t show the viruses that were detected.

yeah… to get a malware report you have to select ‘Antivirus’ from the left column then select a customer or endpoint… then select ‘Threat history’ and there is an option to export the results.