[Request] Remember last view

I’ve given descriptive names to each of my workstations and set it to Show All (for now, at least). I’m busy setting up tags for each workstation as to if they are Business vs. Residential, or when they should get their updates applied and so on. It would be fantastic to not have to reset the view every time I go back to the Agents view.

This is mostly relevant to Patch Management because the RMM section doesn’t even allow for descriptive names yet. So consider this either a new request or a +1 if it’s already out there.

Hello @PromptCare ,

Thank you for the suggestion! I will forward your request so it can be analyzed and implemented in a future version of RMM.

Any update on this? It would seem like just a simple cookie or setting to put into place. I find that pretty much every single page I have to change it from 20 to either 100/200 and that’s a lot of wasted time.

@PromptCare We have contacted you via e-mail in order to keep you updated on the progress made regarding this request.