Requested Security - Auto-lock of session if disconnected

One thing that I like about other products in the same workspace as C1 is the autolock feature when on a device and either you choose to disconnect the session or you are disconnected due to network error that the client session timeout protocol deal with security by locking the device when disconnect occurs, intentionally or unintentionally. This imho is one to put at the top of the to-do list. If an MSP is to work remotely and leave a session open it could mean all sorts of issues with the customer especially if a data breach occurs to internal or external entities. Please consider this for the next maintenance release if at all possible. Thank you.

Hello @azon2111 ,

This request has been escalated to the development team. We will get in touch with you via email to update on the progress.
Thank you for your feedback!

I have mentioned this one before, and I also would like to see a way to blank the screen. Another thing I noticed, in the last releases, is the block user input button is not where it was. I see that feature helpful too. Thanks for bringing this up again!!!

Hello @BOSS

We will escalate your feedback as well and keep you on the loop with any updates regarding the mentioned feature.

Thank you!!

Hello @azon2111 @BOSS ,

Regarding the Feature Request: Auto-lock of session if disconnected - it will be addressed at the end of Q3 in 2016.

Can I also add to this request…

Need to add login (using built-in user lists if possible) as well when connecting to a client or some access code for those that are not C1 admins (regular users) to access PC just to be sure that someone cannot just access any PC with the user name and password into C1.

Else, we run the risk of security leaks especially is someone is a PC admin for a client location but does not need access to the remote desktop session, just ability to manage adding devices or whatnot.

Thank You.

@azon2111 Hello,
We have forwarded your request and we will keep you informed of any progress made on the subject.

I have also requested something similar to this, I also need the ability to allow one user, to remotely log into one computer only, or even a few computers, from time to time. I would also like to be able to lock user input again, and blank the screen. I mentioned these before also, but sometimes when I am running audits, I don’t want to see what I find, let alone allow someone else see it that I don’t know is watching.

Hello @azon2111 ,

The ability to restrict access to some functionality and devices based on roles will be addressed at the end of Q4 in 2016.

thanks john, I have to say one of the nice things about the competitors in the ability for them to have accounts and me to assign them just RDP access to a single PC or two just to get work done when bad weather or health related issues arise. Plus I like the fact that you have to know a user account before even attempting connection because if you don’t know a single user account on the PC then you probably aren’t supposed to be on it to begin with.

Thanks for everything!