Requesting change to billing to be minimum .1 hours = 6 minute intervals

Requesting change to billing to be minimum .1 hours = 6 minute intervals PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. We bill by the tenth of the hour and not .25 hours. Any chance we can get at least the .1 hour rate added in if not customization to any amount of time?


Hello @azon2111 ,

We will forward your request to the developers and we will let you know once we have a resolution on this.

Thank you for your feedback!

@azon2111 ,

We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of the feature that you have requested is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due on Q3.

We appreciate your patience and your understanding in this matter!

Thank you, what date is Q3 release scheduled for? Thank you.

Hello @azon2111

That would be the end of September 2016.

Thank you sir

FYI, this happened in the 7/23 release. Any positive integer can be used for the minutes interval setting.

Took screenshot so people know where this is.

Charge Interval.JPG

Hello @azon2111

We do hope that it will help you in the future. Thank you for your interest again.

we always listen to you and try to deliver what you ask as fast as possible!
We exist to make your life easy and more profitable!

Thanks! Take note of the comments regarding integration and CRM that are in various posts in the forum. Good insights on how segmentation is leading to logistical issues and unnecessary work as well. Thanks again!