Restart Control

Hi Guys,

I have created a patch procedure that has a restart option of “warn and let the users postpone it”

I am testing this on my PC and it seems to simply prompt for a restart whether a restart is needed or not. I can restart my PC, run the patch procedure that will not have any update to install as its currently up to date and then still prompt to reboot.

Is there a way to only get the prompt if a reboot is actually required and not just part of the procedure? Either that or is there a script/procedure that can be scheduled to run and prompt the user for a reboot only if a reboot is required?



@dbettens ,

Would these procedures suffice your need?…omatic-restart - Schedule automatic restart…chedule-reboot - Script to check if an endpoint needs to be rebooted or not and schedule reboot.

Please give us your feedback.

hi @Jimmy

Not really - I need a user prompt to reboot not to schedule the reboot



@dbettens ,

Thank you for clarifying. We have forwarded your request to our Script Developers. We’ll make sure to provide an output of their test as soon as possible

thanks @Jimmy

Hi @dbettens

Please refer the JSON file it will help you to prompt the user if the reboot requires in the endpoint.

Also, you have to suppress the reboot option via third-party patch procedures. Please refer to the below wiki…tch-procedures

Let us know your feedback.

Thank you

20180917-Restart-control.json (2.55 KB)