Same problem - many tickets

When monitor trigger generate alert - we get new ticket. Trigger works again - new ticket at same PC with same problem.
is it possible to keep single ticket?

  • inc count of trigger worked at ticket info
  • at multiply trigger event - change ticket priority
  • create new ticket on trigger event only if previous ticket with this trigger at this PC was closed.

if no - this is new feature request.


We have forwarded this request and will keep you informed via e-mail.

Hi Sergey,

This checkbox should enforce the rule exactly as you described. Could you please check if it works for you?

This is it. Thank you.

How to assign alert settings to all devices?

Hello @Sergey ,

Alerts are not assigned to devices, but to profiles (that can be assigned to devices). To find out how you can assign an alert to a profile, please check this page.