Scheduling reboot


-Is there a way to schedule a rebooting of endpoints at a certain time ? Currently the reboot feature only allows to postpone the reboot in max 30 minutes.

-Also is it possible to set in patch management an automatic reboot (maybe in the night) of all endpoints that need to be rebooted after a critical patch?


Check out the script section. I’m sure this may already be available. Also look through the procedure list again I’m sure its already there.

Thank you. Besides that I think it would be useful in the Reboot feature to add the ability to select a specific a date and hour when to reboot a device.

This is how comodo works the platform is based on scripts. They can be set up as you want. I’m sure comodo support can help you out. Or perhaps check out the comodo academy.!!!

yes, It is time form me to go through the manual

@datalink ,

@dittoitis correct a variety of ways using the scripts procedures for the reboot. A good place to visit

Hello, I’ve been working with the scripts you suggested, thanks. Since the platform is based on script why don’t make them easier to manage:

-For example instead of modifying a script to change some variables (ex days=8 ## change the number of days, you would like to check for uptime.) it would easier if the system would allow us to insert variables on the fly through an input field form when the script is launched.

-Also a visual drag and drop script editor application would make easy for non programmer to create their own script. Other RMMs on the market made that.

Hello @datalink ,

I’ll be creating a support ticket to document this Feature Request and we’ll keep you informed.