Script for Installing Dome Shield's SSL Certificate

Hey All,

There were requests for a script that would install Dome Shield’s SSL Certificate automatically so that your customers would not see broken links if HTTPS sites were blocked or visited.


1)Go to the following page and download the script :…horities-store
2)Open C1 and navigate to ITSM > Procedures and upload the script you have just downloaded
3)Select the machines you want to install the certificates to and hit Run Procedure
4)Select Run as System and type “Install cDome SSL Certificate”
5)Hit Run.

Result: Selected computers will have Dome Shield’s SSL certificate installed and if customers visit/get blocked for an HTTPS site will see a secure connection/green bar on their all browsers.
Note: You can simply change the line "Download_URL =“” with Dome Secure Web Gateway’s SSL Certificate and get the same outcome for Dome SWG too!

For detailed instructions on How to Setup Dome Shield, you can visit our thread here :…up-dome-shield

Hi, i have the SSL installed but i still am getting the “this page is not secure” error, please advise. i have a case open #VUS-574-41289 but they seem to think it is a normail SSL querey.


Hello @dittoit,

We would like to investigate this matter and I created a new ticket for you. We know you already have an open ticket under VUS-574-41289, however, we are unable to access the mentioned ticket since it is assigned to a different department. We would like to figure out if this is under the Dome or SSL related for us to provide a proper solution to the error. We appreciate your understanding with this matter and looking forward to your response with the newly created ticket. Thank you

Replied :slight_smile:

Hi dittoit ,

We were advised that Shield’s SSL certificate was recently updated due to changes of policy that chrome expects. You will need to update your certificates in order to resolve these issues. The New Certificate can be found on Configure > Policy Settings > Block Pages. Please delete the old certificate first before installing the new one. Also, the ITSM script for installing Shields SSL was also updated to deliver the New Certificate. Please reply to our email if the fix helped resolve your issue. Thank you.

Hi, yes the new script resolved the problem.

Link to new script FYI:

Hi @dittoit ,

That’s good to now. If you would be needing additional scripts you can make a request for them @ and .

This script is great and works a treat, well done guys!