Script for monitoring file access in share


I customer of mine needs a script to follow file changes done by the endpoint (add, delete, update) in a network share (to be defnied within the script) If the end user changes or deletes a file within the defined network share, the monitoring should detect and run the alarm that is conencted to it. It should also log the file that is changed (or deleted,added) and the loggedin user

There’s the scripting capability inside the monitoring section of the profiles. Please update if it is possible to offer such a script through that.


I would also find this script to be very useful

Hi @Antean @eztech

We will analyze and update the script request once it has been completed.

Thank you

Hi @Antean and @eztech ,

Refer this script to alert if the file created, removed and modified on network share,

Thank you.

Great work everyone, I’ll check it out

One thing to note though, is it not possible to use the user’s current credentials for access? Do we need a read&write user? or any type of user that can access the share in question is fine?

Hi @Antean

It is Not possible to access folder without credentials . We need reading Access for Shared Folder .

Thank you