Script move device to company based upon external IP

Hello! Hoping to get a script that will assign a device to Company XXX based upon External IP xxxxx

Background: We often have issues with devices being assigned to the wrong company, and just recently we made a “mistake” and deleted a user which caused any devices assigned to that user to be moved to Default User. We are trying to figure out a way to automate moving a device back to the correct company and we have come up with the following.

The external IP which is captured within the device data could be used to make sure a device is in fact in the right “company” within the device list. If we could have a script where we would specific external IP and Company name and it would move to the correct company, that would be awesome!

@sromine ,

As of the moment, we do not have a scripting capability in regards to your request. We have Coordinated with our Product Developers to analyze this functionality request. we will provide an email notification once we have received their feedback.

@sromine ,

We have sent a follow email, with requested details on your portal instance. Please check your forum registered email and provide us your feedback. Thank you