Script Needed for GPO Replacement


We need one (1) script to the following:

  1. rename the local PC name to something such as WS-xx (xx being a number) so every PC on the network is properly name, but this has to be verified against local AD
  2. reset the local admin password to something we can set
  3. Uninstall competing RMM solutions (connectwise) and other remot software (teamviewer)
  4. Map network printers
  5. Map a shared drive
  6. Install Office 365 applications (word, excel)

We would like to try to replace having a local domain controller and GPO with itarian as we find that we do not need a local server.

Does anyone have any ideas for active directory? We have looked into solutions such as azure AD (which doesn’t seem to be full AD)

Please feel free to check the script repository for your needs, @gscoder.