Script Request - Temporarily Disable CCS

I have an issue with deploying an app in that it produces an error when the app is first run unless it is installed with the CCS Auto-containment and Antivirus temporarily disabled. Can we have a script to disable elements of CCS temporarily without an end-user prompt?

We often have the same issue.

Just create a clone of your default profile but with AC and Firewall disabled… switching profiles is quick (in my case just a few seconds to apply)… then switch back afterwards.

Yes, @Ed_Johnson , and thanks for your suggestion; I had thought of that but it’s a bit messy. I would much rather include it in the deployment script - we aim to be as automated as possible.

But I’d assume that the profile will overide any instruction to disable the firewall so a script wouldnt work for more than a few seconds once applied.

Unless the script temporarily blocks the Comms client as well if required. And, actually, that bears on another ;point I meant to raise about locally turning off CCS elements then being over-written by the profile - what’s the point in having the temporarily disable option at all?

In fact, found this older discussion and the suggestion is to use a net stop command to stop the service, run the installer and then re-start the service.

In will give that a try.

That would prob work… but it’s by far much quicker and way easier to just switch profiles. I’ve also always found that a profile switch is almost instantanious whereas a script can sit in the queue for a while before being processed.

Good luck whichever option you choose.