Script successfull

I’ve never paid attention to the logs in iTarian until now. I tried writing my own JSON file and set it up on iTarian as a procedure. My JSON validater says the script is correct, and the iTarian system agrees. I tried to run the script through iTarian on my computer and within a few seconds the log file says the procedure ran successfully. However it didn’t do anything to my system. Is that normal?

Hi @Fred,

Thanks for taking the time to report it.

Can you please share a sample JSON file so that our developer can investigate the issue.

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Sure thing. Here is the file I was trying to work with.

HuskyLogicAIO.json (4.52 KB)

@Fred ,

Thank you for the details. We have forwarded your procedure to our scripts team for review and we’ll provide you feedback once they have completed coding analysis and output as soon as possible.