Script to backup User's Documents and Desktop Folder


Can you please help me create a script for Cobian Backup 11 Gravity to automatically backup Documents and Desktop folders of a user?

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Hi @alfie013,
We will have our script developers work on your request and we will keep you posted on the result via email and this forum page. Thank you

Hi Raymond,

Any progress on this?

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Hello @alfie013,

Our script developers have addressed your request and analyzing it. We will reach back to you as soon as updates are available.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi Sorry to jump on this post, would it be possible to script this even if the Desktop and Docments folders are re-directed. I can see this being very useful for server migrations to take backups

@dbettens ,

We’ll have this request forwarded to our Scripts Team to determine if modifications can be made. We’ll provide an update to you via support mail as soon as possible.

@dbettens , @alfie013

Our Scripts team have completed your request…kup-11-gravity . Please check and give us your feedback

Thanks @Jimmy , I’ll take a look at it.


Hello @Jimmy ,

I tried it but encountered an error where the destination is not accessible (im using FTP server as my backup destination). Also, the .lst file is not loaded by the program? When I open the Cobian User Interface, i didn’t see the List there. Also, can you please help me create a script for cbEngine.ini? Attached are my configurations. NOTE: I save it as .txt as I can’t attach .lst and .ini here.


cbEngine.txt (4.13 KB)

MainList.txt (1.51 KB)

Hello @alfie013,

We have forwarded your feedback and request to our development team. We will also update you via support ticket that was created for you.

Hello @Anna_C ,

Good Day! Is there any update on this?

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Hello @alfie013,

We have requested an update from the development team. We will forward any development once available.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi @alfie013,

The developers have advised that they are currently in the progress of working on the request.

Thank you.

Hello @alfie013 and @dbettens ,

We have sent an email regarding this request.
Please check your inbox and let us know your feedback.


The Microsoft User State Migration Tool (USMT) is a good place to start with this if you do not have a preference for tools. A script to download USMT, run it with the generated options file and then back up the saved information is the route I’d look at.

I say this as it is the recommended Microsoft way of doing it, and allows you to transport the information from OS versions too.

Hope the suggestion helps.