Script to check dell command updates for updates and install them automatically.


Would it be possible to create Script to check dell command updates for updates and install them automatically.

Jahfar Campbell

Hi @jahfar

we will progress with this request and come up with expected results soon.

Thank you.

@jahfar ,

You can utilize this script procedure to automate a Dell Update.Since Dell Updates are subject to change on a short time notice, You will need to download and host the latest Dell command update application in any cloud drive and then run script procedure to install it with URL and silent switches. You can modify the script procedure for the hosted dell command update and the cloud drive link. Please give us your feedback whether this suffices your query

@jahfar ,

We thank you for your response. We have forwarded your request to our scripts team and we’ll provide an uypdate as soon as possible.

Hi @jahfar . One of our Script Developer would like to conduct a support session to your system with Dell setup in order to check and execute “Dell command updates”. I did send you an email for the other details for this requested support session. Please check your mailbox. Thank you.

Hi everyone!
Is there progress made with script? We also have many DELL PC and something like that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

@Gabro , a recommendation was made by our Script Developers to utilize this procedure.
Please let us know if this suffices your query.

Hi Jimmy,
thank you for the prompt answer, but unfortunately te link above does not work (tried it yesterday and today). There comes error Not Found (#404)
I registered on forum also, but it doesn´t help (

Hi @Gabro,

Sorry for the trouble. Please check this link for the required script procedure

Only security related scripts are maintained in, other scripts can be found in

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As a Change Management best practice, it should be placed a banner announcing that policy in the front page of, just to keep visitors warned about such update policy.

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Apologies for this matter. @PremJkumar Thank you for providing the updated link