Script to for password changes

Can we get a script to for all users except specified ones to change their passwords?
Then another script to change the complexity or passwords. i.e minimum 8 Characters and must include lower + upper case + numbers + symbols? as alot of end users do not have domain controllers.

@monster-it ,

We have forwarded your request to our Script Developers for analysis. We’ll provide their feedback as soon as possible.

Is that just one to pop up and warn people they expiring soon etc?

No one to force them to change their password there and then.


The attached script will force a specified user to change their password on next log on. Currently, this script only accepts a single user name however I will see if I can modify it further to accept a list of users or if it’s possible to force the password change for all users at once. Run as LocalSystem User and configure the parameter with the username you wish to force the password change.

20181106-Force-password-change-on-next-log-on-for-a-specific-user.json (2.26 KB)

Hi, Not quite. It needs to be all users except for some that i will manually add in.

Hi @monster-it

  1. Please refer the below JSON file to change the password for all users except Specific User.

Input parameter:

password=“Enter the password” ## password setup is based on policy requirement. the complex policy does not accept the simple password!
Except= “Specific userName” ## Mention the specified User which you don’t want to change the password

Refer below wiki Guide to edit input parameter


  • The system will be restarted to experience the changes.
  • Run the script as a system user.
2. Please refer the below JSON file to get the Random password with complexity


Thank you

20181113-Random-Password.json (1.48 KB)

20181113-Change-Password-except-specific-User.json (2.73 KB)