Script to uninstall Cryptoprevent

Hey you awesome guys. Can I get a script to uninstall crpytoprevent?

We reached out to the script development team for your request @joeyportera. One of them will reply here as soon as they are able with the script or suggestions(s). We appreciate your patience on the matter.

Hello @joeyportera

Here is the JSON file for your script request. Please refer the attached Crypto_Prevent.json file. We have tested it completely in all the environment it worked perfectly. Please ensure that the endpoint has been restarted after crypto prevent has installed then only our script will remove all necessary files that have to be deleted.

Thank you.

20180927-CryptoPrevent.json (6.53 KB)

The link works for me @joeyportera. Please make sure that you are logged in to the C1 Forums whenever you want to download any linked file. You may also want to try ‘optimizing’ your browser (clearing cache, etc.) or try using a different browser.