Script to uninstall Microsoft Teams Silently

Is there a script or can you create one to remove Microsoft Teams Silently without user interaction?

Hello @monster-it ,

We appreciate your query/suggestion.
We have forwarded the query to our Script Development team and we`ll send you an update shortly regarding your request.


+1 for me too

Hello @monster-it and @carls,

Please see attached zip file for the procedure to uninstall Microsoft Teams silently, run it as Logged in User. Thank you (858 Bytes)

Thank you! Do you have one for installing as well?

Hi @carls, please check on this script for deploying Microsoft Teams:

20190607-Microsoft_Teams_Deployment.json (4.24 KB)

thank you!

With Teams, I believe the updates auto install this don’t they??

I only say as removing seems pointless as next update it back!