Script to update malwarebytes free

Yall wrote a script for me to update malwarebytes to the newest version, which is now 3.5.1 but its still only installing or recognizing 3.4.5… can someone give me an updated script PLEASE :slight_smile:


Can you please share the script our Script Developers have coded for your request. We will analyze and modify the script.

Hi @joeyportera

we will analyze your request and update you once it has been completed.

Thank you

Hi, @joeyportera

Refer this following script to install Malwarebytes on your endpoint,

Thank you.

how to you write or add to the script to do a silent installation on clients PC’s

Hi @randy_srs

Here,we have three scripts for installing Application silently

Install MSI Package from given Path

Install MSI from a secured network share

Install application from file path

Please let us know your feedback

Thank you