script vs json download

I understand copying/pasting a script in the procedure, however the script is failing due to something in the code. So I’m now downloading the JSON (hoping it might have the correct syntax) --after opening the JSON file I’m not seeing what i expected (doesn’t look like the script)… … HOw do i properly integrate the JSON download into a procedure?


aha… . . .I M P O R T !. … thanks Jimmy. . .hopefully the downloaded / import doesn’t cuz syntax error. . . will let you know.

dang. . .same syntaxerror at line 48. . . . Is it possible the script is incorrect, Im sure they’re tested before posted right? I tried on two different devices already… windows 7 and 10. . .

Hi @evoevoevo
May we ask for the name of the script or link (if there is one)?

@evoevoevo ,

We will have the script reported to have it validated for any corrections if needed. We’ll send a support ticket to provide you with an update as soon as possible. @Rick_C his report is related to his other post .

I’m sorry for the overlap in posts… the script is Force Uninstall CCS, CCC-Updater, and CCC

@evoevoevo ,

Thank you. We have already sent you a support ticket via mail. Please check your forum registered email for any details we might need. Thank you

Hello @evoevoevo,

Please refer to the modified script below and please let us know if it works for you.

Thank you and looking forward to your feedback.