search by logged in user


Is it possible to search within a a device group and find device by last user logged in?



Hi @dbettens

I don’t believe there is at the moment, but this would be a great feature!

Hello @dbettens,

Good day. The mentioned feature is on the roadmap and planned to be released on 2018Q3. We will keep you updated on the further update for this feature via this forum page or related support ticket. Thank you

This is a total show stopper for us. We won’t be able to use it until we can search for device by the person that last used iy.
When is this is supposed to be released?


We’ll ask our developers for an update for this feature. We’ll send you a support ticket to notify you on the progress of the feature.

This feature should be easy to add and would put a lot of people off I guess as it means planning names to computers with no allowance for roaming on to other devices.

Currently. we often resort to using the Custom names feature in device management to add a user name after the device name. As Robin - StrobeTech says, this can cause confusion with roaming users. Exporting device report to CSV now includes last logged on user but clumsy to have to do that frequently. Gradually educating EUs to use wherever possible the right-click on CCC icon > Submit Ticket so the ticket is created with the device name on it.

Can we get an update on this feature?

Hi @dhaysley, this feature currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline: Short-Term (3 to 6 months).
We will provide you an email notification for any updates regarding this feature.

Thanks for the update.
What does the unapproved tag mean?

Hello everyone,

This is Ayhan. I am working as product manager for Endpoint Manager. Ability to see logged in user inside device list with ability to filter and search is one of the top priority items that we are working on. This feature will be available in short term. For the exact timeframe, please stay tuned for upcoming release notes.

If you have a question or comments, feel free to share. With your valuable feedbacks, we are creating a platform to serve all your needs!

Ayhan Epik, Product Manager
Endpoint Manager