Server offline monitoring

I have the online/offline monitoring setup on my servers, it is triggering way to many times, this morning i came in to 130 tickets.

it is set for 15 mins, am i missing something ??

Cheers James.

Hello @dittoit,

Good day. We have an ongoing investigation into this matter and our development team is already aware and working on a solution. We will update you via this forum page once the fix is available. Thank you

Hi, should it not show under the status page then? there no active issues? this should be reported

Hello @dittoit,

The status page is for services in general. Since the identified issue is only for offline monitoring and other monitoring are working properly, the tag for the monitoring is still operational. Thank you

Hi @dittoit

Your not missing anything here…
Just that the system does not work correctly and has major issues at the moment with a planned re-vamp in September (Comodo correct me if 'm wrong).

Speaking with the developers they have advised not to use the system until then.

Hope this helps.

Hello I am experiencing the very same problem. Windows client “Sending device online status confirmations” is set to 15 min (default). Monitor condition is set to 20 mins. I have to admit that this problem is an old one, for sure older than current portal release. Thank you for support


We will include you in the email update for this ongoing case for you to receive the update as well as be informed once the fix has been released. Thank you

We have been experiencing the issue for the last 3 releases and I believe this is why a new engine for this is being developed.

Ive had this issue for over 12months, ive never had the offline alerts work properly. Its one of the reasons why we have declined to use the ticketing portal as we could find it flooded with literally hundreds and hundreds of tickets.

: / Fingers crossed they get it working in the future, its a pretty important feature to have.

Please add me to list to be updated as soon as there is a fix. This only started happening to after the last update. Its a pretty critical issue IMO, as I can’t trust if a server is really down without manually checking

Hello @Joners , @eztech and @StrobeTech ,

We appreciate your support by reporting this. We will add you in the loop of the clients experiencing the same issue. We will reach out to you through email as soon as the task has been completed. Thanks again and have a good one!

Please add me to list to be updated as soon as there is a fix also. We are new to Comodo and this is a critical issue for us. We have to manually check all of our devices just see that they are in fact still up. It’s extremely time consuming and slightly off putting.

@LCC_Tech ,

We’ll make sure to add you to the loop as well.

To all,

We have sent individual emails back on December 13th to check and confirm if this is now working.
Monitor is redesigned and in production already.
For those who haven`t test it yet, kindly check at your convenience and share with us the results.


Please let us know as well on the support email we’ve sent you before earlier to confirm if you have positive results. Development team confirm resolution on this issue and eagerly awaits your response.

All now seems to be working, would be good to see other thoughts on this.

I can confirm my side all is working fine now

@danilo.brambilla ,

We are glad to hear from your report. We appreciate your patience

How do we use this alert. I can’t seem to find it.

@armorcoded ,

You can utilize this Offline/Online Monitoring. Please check these steps.