Service Desk Calendar integration

It will be nice if we can have service desk calendar integration with O365, G-Suite, outlook or ical. so it all show up on my day to day calendar.


The Feature Request: Service Desk calendar sync with office 365 or google calendar currently shows on the road-map. We will contact you thru email as soon as this timeline becomes more accurate. Thank you for your patience.

Hi @Blake , I believe I’m already on the list for updates in this, but can you check please and add if not.

We are interested in the ability for each Tech to link their calendar via their profile which in turn is accessible to the service desk schedule etc

We double-checked and you are in the loop already for this specific feature request, @StrobeTech. :wink:

Hi @Rick_C is there any chance you can put me in the list for updates on this one too!?
Very keen for this feature to come into play.

Hello @JacobM

We have created a new ticket on your behalf and added you on the on going feature request. We will immediately notify you once there is an update from our development team.

With best regards,

Oh that would be soooo nice. GSuite Calendar integration…Oh yeah sign me up.

Hello @hitechpr,

We have sent a ticket to your forum registered email and have added you to the list of partners interested in this feature. We will be sending a notification once there is an update from our development team.

Thank you.