Service Desk Down?

White background and completely unresponsive. This is consistent for other co-workers working on other networks.

Edit: Perhaps it would be wise to have an RSS feed for outages. Even if it is just for sub modules such as service desk (ITSM is working fine). This way we are aware the issue is being looked at. At the moment we are unable to attend to any tickets whatsoever.

Hello @campbell,

We have forwarded this issue to the development team and have it looked into. We will send an email regarding the resolution of the issue. We appreciate letting us know.

Thank you.

Hi Riley, do you have an update? Our service desk has almost been down the entire day.

Hello @campbell,

We have requested for an update from the development team. We will keep you posted here and through the email as well.

Thank you.

Hello @campbell

The development team has confirmed that the Service Desk is now operational. Kindly let us know.

Thank you.

Hi @Riley_C Yes it’s now operational. Thank you. That was 6 hours of downtime in the middle of our workday. We were lucky to have no immediate and pressing issues to attend to by clients. I also had to contact the team to get any communication regarding the downtime.

Could you comment on my original edit? I think it deserves some thought by the C1 team. There is absolutely no excuse for a unplanned downtime as long as 6 hours without any format communication.

Hi @campbell ,

We appreciate the recommendation regarding RSS feed for outages. We will have the team look into this as a feature request.

We will also send you an email for any update.

And again 9.36 UK time, white screen?

Same thing here, also finding that the ITSM patch management is offline.

Took a long time to load but its ok for me.

Hi @Joners and @dittoit . As of now our Development Team is still working on this issue. There are instances that it might stop working at certain times, but please be assured that they do understand the urgency of this matter and they are doing their best to resolved this as early as possible. We highly appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. As soon as we got word that the issue has been completely fix, we will relay this immediately. Thank you.

Looks to be back online now, for me at least.

The problem was, because we don’t have enough monitoring in place a resource running out is taking the whole system down. Unfortunately its that simple. And its very frustrating because its so simple. That is why we are spending our time now to put whole lot of monitoring in place. As of tomorrow we are putting human eyes to monitor the systems until the release 24/7.

They need more coffee !! SD down? Fatal Error: Contact system administrator.

PLEASE create a PINNED “Status” VIEW ONLY on this forum, update with whats going on, all systems green, amber or red. dont keep a list just edit the 1st post with time and dates and outages or status. This was we can see whats been reported and what is being worked on.

Hi @dittoit Thank you for your continued support of our programs. Rest assured that our leadership team is working tirelessly an ensuring a flawless product. It will happen soon.