service ticket when patching

Is there a way to have the system open a service ticket when a patching procedure begins and then close said ticket when completed? Would you like to use it for time tracking purposes

Hi @jdube ,

Currently our ticketing system is not yet capable of monitoring patch updates when it begins and close the ticket when patching has completed. We will get in touch with you shortly thru email to discuss specifics of this task which can possibly be a feature request.

Hello @jdube , Thanks for your very useful input for us. Maybe you are already aware, as of now, you can see this detail of a patch procedure by clicking on a device in device list and then going to Logs -> Patch Logs and then you can click the details of a procedure installing patches. You will see a log details as attached.

I believe a dashboard of your patching activities would be more accurate to track the start/finish and progress of your procedures handling patch operations. We already have a roadmap item for this thing to be delivered in 2018Q3.

if you still need a service desk ticket for this issue, we are here to understand and help with the use cases of the customer. We will continue to elobarate it with dev teams and come up with solution.

Best regards,
Product Manager for IT&SM Patch Management

This would be a great feature.
We use the system so far to raise failures which works nicely.

Hello @StrobeTech which one do you mean? SD ticket for start/finish of patching operation or dashboard of your patching activities?

To have some form of status section for patching to say it has started, these machines are currently doing it etc.
Thinking more about it a ticket is not the answer, a ticket for failures as we currently have is great… I like the idea as we do get a lot of calls saying my machine is slow blah blah and you log in to find not a lot being done of the machine; elevate to admin rights and you then star seeing MSIEXEC, SETUP and others doing the naughty. A quick control panel to open and see if the machine is running the schedule, a form of progress bar would be good.

Hello @StrobeTech I totally agree with you that we hope to help our customers with an item which is already in our roadmap. Thanks for eloborating the issue.

Hello @StrobeTech,

We have added you on the loop for this feature request.